TrackNTime FAQ

Can you customize the elements and behaviors?
Yes. Everything in TNT is customizable for your own project. A standard list of behaviors is loaded by default, but you can add to them. We can customize the standard list of behaviors for you. Contact us to discuss this.

Do I need a wifi or 3g connection throughout data collection?
No. Data is stored on the tablet and is uploaded the next time your tablet is online.

Can my institution use Android tablets and iPads on the same account?
No. You would need to purchase the Android app for the Android tablet and the iPad app for the iPad. Once you have purchased both then you can assign projects to either one.

What does TrackNTime cost? Is there an annual fee?
You can purchase the TrackNTime app for $99. There is currently on annual licensing fee.

Is there a limit to the number of groups or elements you can have in a project?
No. You can create as many elements and groups as your project requires.

How do I get started with TrackNTime?
You can view our tutorial videos on Using the Web Utility and Using TNT on Your Tablet.