TrackNTime™ for Android Tablets

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Cost: $99.99 per tablet • Unlimited projects • No need to renew license

16GB free space • 512MB memory (RAM) • 9" Display or larger • Wi-Fi • Android OS version 3.0 or later
After purchasing, follow these download instructions:
There are two parts to TrackNTime™: The website and the tablet itself. You will need the tablet with you to fully register TrackNTime™. Your tablet will need to have a wireless connection.

On your computer:
1. Go to - this is the TNT webpage.
2. Click the Register link; fill in information; click Register
3. Check email for verification link; click link
4. Click Login; complete Login with information that was provided in the registration
5. Keep this screen open

On your tablet:
6. Go to using the web browser on the tablet
7. After installing and running the software on the tablet, open the software, go to the "Home" area, make note of the Tablet ID

Back to your computer:
8. Go to Devices section
9. Add the device to your list of devices
10. Oberg Research will then authroize the tablet for use. This may take up to 4 hours
11. Click "Update License" in the "Home" area to receive license.
12. Click "Update Projects" in the "Home" area in order to download any projects that were created on the TrackNTime™ webpage.

To help you get started, you can view our tutorial videos on Using the Web Utility and Using TNT on Your Tablet.

Any time after registering, you can create Projects/Groups/Elements in the Project Management section of the TrackNTime™ Web Administration Utility, even as you are waiting for your license.

We stand behind our product. But, if you do not love it as much as we do, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Sorry, we do not offer free trials.